How to create a rollover image in Dreamweaver!

Alot of people are terrified of javascript. With Dreamweaver, an app originally by Macromedia, which got bought out by Adobe, makes some small scripts easy as pie to use. So whether you have the old Macromedia version or the new Adobe CS3, this is in there. In this small tutorial, you will be able to do a rollover image without knowing any javascript. Here is how to create an image, so when you roll over it, it changes into another image. You see this a lot on ads, and in the navigation of many sites.

1. In the menu bar, go to Insert>Image Object>Rollover Image.

2. Specify the original image.
(The image you want to see without rolling over)

3. Specify your rollover image.
(The image you want to see when you rollover the previous image)

4. (Optional) Specify the extra options.
(Link it up, Add an alt property, or choose whether or not the image will preload on page load)

It will add some javascript in your <head> if your wondering what that is from. But like i said, its easy as pie, and you can do it as much as you want, as easily as you want it.


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