New Pownce Themes!

For those not familiar with Pownce, get familiar with it. SO, they have created new themes. More than just 4 little themes. They now have 12 themes. At first the thumbnails were inaccurate, hopefully that will get fixed soon. Also about the thumbnails, there are some that dont have the features they do in the thumbnail.

  • If your a Pro user, you can build a custom theme now!
  • Many are pleased with them all!
  • The thumbnails hopefully get fixed. Am i the only one that has noticed?

So go get on Pownce, and get a new theme! I have used the best one on the list.

Get at me on Pownce!

UPDATE The themes randomly starting matching the thumbnails for me now. That was really odd. Possibly a firefox color problem. I refreshed the page, and it just happened to work fine.

UPDATE 2 If you view someones note, you see the theme that they selected, not yours. Thats awesome. You can also disable this in the preferences!


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