My Holiday Wishlist!

So the holiday season is coming close with Christmas on its back, and what better way to spend it than coming up with a Christmas list of things you wont get! Ill get some of these things, but not ALL of them! There no way, so here my take on a wishlist. Note that some of this could be exaggerated, but its what i WANT! Everyone wants what they don’t need. =)

1. MacBook Pro 17 Inch
That or whatever laptop Apple rolls out next… I need a laptop for school, to bring my wok with me. The same reasons everyone would get a laptop over a desktop! Now this is just a WANT. I do NEED a Laptop. At least a MacBook. Im not too fond of that small 13″ inch screen though. Its a little bit too small. The MacBook Pro’s 15″ would be reasonable, but for video editing and production part of the act.. The 13″ would just not cut it, unless of course i bought an external display that was at least a 20″ or a 23″. Apple’s displays are a bit pricey but i would probably get a cheap 24″ Dell monitor. I heard they hold up really good as well.

2. iPod Touch 16GB
On the go, i miss having an iPod. Nothing compares to the Touch. Wi-Fi web browsing on a tiny amazing device? Come on… The only reason i would get the iPod Touch over the iPhone, is that the iPhone only has a maximum capacity of 8GB. That would never hold the songs and video that i would want to put on there. Its rumored that Apple is going to release a 16GB iPhone in the future, but 1. I still don’t want to switch to AT&T, and 2. Im kind of in need of it now? So, Im definitely not going to wait for that to come out.

3. Roland Electric Drumset
What drummer doesn’t want one of these? You can put the headphones on, play anything you want, and no one would hear you! I would play this thing all day long and i would have no time to write blog posts like this! You could also play to other songs through the same headphones. That to me, is quite amazing. I can even plug the set into my computer, and record with Logic, or Garageband. It doesn’t get better than that. And for me to get one of these, it would definitely have to have the full drum pieces. Not those tiny pads you have to try and hit. That would be lame.

4. A Ticket To MacWorld
All i would want to go for is the fact that Steve Jobs will be giving a keynote. I watch it get quite excited at home, but to see new products roll out at a real conference is golden. You can get the cheapest MacWorld package that still includes the keynote for about $230 dollars. That does NOT include the hotel your going to have to stay at, the airfare, and food for yourself. There is a package for $300 that includes 1 day of food at the conference, if you think you cant get cheaper meals elsewhere. This is kind of a dream instead of a present but i would LOVE this so much. I love to travel, and i don’t do it enough. This would be the perfect gift.


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