Creative Portfolios, Actionpads, And Inspiration!

Did i mention Web 2.0 in your pocket? Wow. Ok, lets get this going. I recently got an invite to a site called Behance. Its for creative professionals to showcase their portfolio, projects, and collaborations. I though Virb was awesome. Then i found this. Wow. Such a smack into reality. The vibe i get from this site is just incredible. I see many people seeing infinite possibilities. There no better way to throw your portfolio and projects on the web.

Now on to Actionpads! The most amazing personal notebooks ever? Web 2.0 in your pocket. Wow they look so good. Behance makes these and sells them for reasonable prices as well. Creative pads for creative people. So awesome. Im definitely getting some of these soon.

Now this isnt just any social network. This is like the mother ship of all creative persons. Its still in beta, and a little slow but im sure when its at full blast gold version, it will be amazing for everyone. So try it out!

I have invites if anyone wants one!
Request an invite from me by commenting on this post!

My Behance

Oh, and its one of the most well designed sites ive seen in awhile. Its a creative site for creative people like them! Good thing you have to be creative in the first place to come up with something like this!


One thought on “Creative Portfolios, Actionpads, And Inspiration!

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