Fonts, Notebooks, $200 LCD’s, Pirates, $200 Linux PC’s, And Other Headlines

Ok, so lets do our once in awhile awesome links. These will be coming randomly, so be prepared! Heres some of the headlines from today.

Creative Portfolio, Actionpads, Inspiration
A new launched beta called Behance, lets you share your creative portfolio, projects, and collaborations! Check my latest post with the link above to see what its all about! Its really great and i encourage everyone to read the details and sign up!

40+ Professional Design Fonts
Smashing Magazine has posted 40 or more professional fonts that could be used for professional design. These fonts are no joke, because Smashing Magazine is no joke. Enjoy these as much as you can. They are pretty pretty pretty good looking.

New Apple Notebook’s At MacWorld
AppleInsider claims that Steve Jobs will unveil some new Ultra-Portable MacBooks at the January MacWorld conference and keynote. We can only hope! Link it to view some more details and proof of theory.

24 Inch LCD’s For Under $300
StealthyTech scrounged up some 24 Inch LCD displays for under$300. If your in need – then i suggest you take a look!

Thanks For Stealing My Film!
A film-producer by the name of Eric Wilkinson thanks movie pirates for stealing his film! Eric claims that pirating is an easy and free way to promote your movie! He thanks the pirates for that. He says that when he makes his next film he might even upload to the internet himself!

Wal-Mart Sold Out Of $200 Linux PC’s!
So Wal-Mart has been selling a $200 PC that was running Linux. They sold out 10,000 units! The system sold by Wal-Mart was an Everex’s TC2502 gPC. 1.5 GHz VIA C7 CPU embedded onto a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. Thats more than enough to run Linux and still have a fast system!


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