Final Cut Express 4, High Quality YouTube Videos, And Other Headlines

Apple Releases Final Cut Express 4
Apple has added support for AVCHD, as well as enabling multi-format timeline integration. You can now edit SD and HD of any format in the same timeline. You can import projects from iMovie 08 and there is now support for many 3rd party FX’s and plugins. This new release makes it so much easier for the low-budget filmmaker!

High Quality YouTube Videos
Co-Founder Steve Chen, spoke this week at NewTeeVee Live, and stated that in the near future, there will be high quality streaming videos available on YouTube. This will be the day. A big step away from the horrible quality they have now. These videos are expected in the next 3 months!

Viddler Launches Video Monetization Plan
So Viddler, is amazing as we know it. Its just gotten better. They are launching Ad-Based revenue for users. Splitting the ad profits 50-50 depending on clicks on your videos. Ads we will visible in video like comments, relating to tags, and comments. This is a huge step fourth for Viddler, and they are doing it better and with more style than anyone out there. PROPS!

Mac OSX Leopard Update – 10.5.1
Finally released. No bugs found by me personally so far. Although i have heard from some people, that they lost some of their files and had to rely on Time Machine to get them back. Some are even losing their Time Machine data. Don’t know what’s going on here, i had a clean update. In fact, it was the longest update in Apples history. It had the nerve to take about 3 minutes.. 


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