Export For Web In Quicktime

Many people still dont know how to get there videos in the perfect format to embed on the web in quicktime format, and also optimizing for upload to sites like YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo. Heres a perfect easy as hell solution.

Open your video in quicktime. If its RAW DV, HDV, etc from your camera, this will still work as good as others. Go up to the menu bar, File>Export For Web. You will get a small dialog that pops up with some options.

Choose to export for iPhone, and for Web. Select web, and just click export! Its that simple! When its done, you will find a folder on the desktop with the name you selected for your video. Inside, you find the movie, a reference movie, a screenshot (poster image), and a read me file!

The reference movie is going to be really small, because its not self contained. That means pretty much that its just a shortcut to the full version of the movie within the folder. This is a file you could’nt send to someone to have them watch the video, its just for shortcut.

The read me file will contain embed codes for your movie! To embed the quicktime video directly into your website. It also makes a cool ‘click to play’ bezel on the video’s poster image which is really cool. It generates a whole text file just to tell you how to embed it on your website. Its pretty awesome. Better than trying to figure out settings for web such as quality, sound quality, fast web start, etc. Does this automatically, and it does it pretty damn good. The video will come out with good quality, as well as sound quality.


5 thoughts on “Export For Web In Quicktime

  1. actually while this is easy… it doesn’t let you specify Width and Height and didn’t seem to deinterlace my video which really needs it badly. this is probably a good resource for almost web ready videos though. unless my quicktime is just broken.

  2. Yes i know it doesnt give you advanced options, but it works very well, and its fast as hell. What you should do is have a de-interlacing app on its own. There are some out there that allow you to de-interlace without re-exporting it. Just a quickie. Check google for some of those. Good luck.

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