Firefox 3 Is The New Safari

So i downloaded the new Firefox 3 Beta. The changes that i have noticed, make it exactly like Safari, but yet there are features that set it apart. For one, when you drag an image, you DRAG the image, you dont just get a square box like in Firefox 2. This is very helpful when you want to know if an image has a transparent background or not.

The theme that i hear will be the final theme for the gold version release, is a theme identical to Safari, but even more unified. A smoother ‘unification’ if you will. Thats one of the only things that really annoyed me in Firefox 2. Its inability to conform to the provided interface. It did in Tiger, but not the main interface. Tiger had many different looks for their GUI, now its all one standard, unified GUI.

Now that Firefox has conformed to the GUI, gained the features of Safari, and also surpassed it in many ways, im pretty sure that a lot more people will start using it. Oddly, people you wouldnt think even know about Firefox, use it. So with the release of 3rd Firefox version, many more people will grab a copy of it. I sure am happy its gaining the features it is.

One thing i have a question about – why when i edit a post in Safari (for this WordPress blog), does it un-format my text. It will show up all in one paragraph. Its really annoying when i do my link posts, i have to manually format it everytime i want to edit a post. Firefox is good to us in that way and im glad i can use it as a backup, although i wish i could stick to one browser for everything. Thats what the simple future is supposed to hold for us.


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