First 5 Minutes Of The Golden Compass, Online Flickr Photo Editing, And Other Headlines

Watch The First Five Minutes Of The Golden Compass
Yahoo! is letting everyone watch the first 5 minutes of the upcoming movie – “The Golden Compass” in HD, and Flash Quality on their website. This is quite awesome – for those who are looking forward to seeing this movie. Enjoy.

Online Photo Editing Has Come To Flickr
Flickr has partnered with Picnik and has integrated their system directly into Flickr. Edit your photos just as you would with your favorite, small, image editing app. Its not even close to as powerful as something like Apple’s Aperture, or Adobe’s Lightroom, or even Apple’s iPhoto. Its got the basic editing tools such as exposure, saturation, contrast, etc. All the main things you can do to a photo. Nothing really advanced such as per color saturation, or anything up there like that, which you could only find in those apps just mentioned. This is good though. A big step for Flickr, and this will save the beginners or speedy ams that just need to touch up there photos, a small amount of effort from opening up their editing program, and then uploading to Flickr.


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