X Files Sequel To Start Filming December 10th

The very random, unlikely sequel of The X-Files with David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson, is to start filming on the 10th of December. In Vancouver. Directed by Chris Carter, and written by Chris Carter, and Frank Spotnitz. The same director and one of the original writers are included in the sequel. This means its going to be just as good! All throughout the series, was amazing, as well as the first movie. Im sure they wont stop the good now.

A fairly different role (even though he was in the X Files from the beginning) for Dave Duchovny, coming from Californication, to this. From a womanizing writer, back to an FBI agent solving conspiracy. Hes a well known actor, and always pulls through on his part. Gillian Anderson on the other hand, has actually been working in more movies than i though she would be. I would have never thought. Since the X-Files, DD’s only big part was in Californication as far as im aware. Gillian hasnt played any huge roles, although she has been doing a lot in small roles.

The plot has yet to be released, but everyones remembers at the end of the original movie, the X Files were re-opened at the end, after they burned down the virus carrying corn-field. I knew there would be a sequel, and it wouldnt be worth it, if DD and Gillian didnt star in it. It wouldnt even be worth thinking about if they werent going to be a part of it. So expect an amazing movie. It starts filming December 10th, so expect it in 2008! At least its written already. Takes another year off our known wait.

Link to ‘Untitled X-Files Sequel IMDB Page’


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