Another American Pie Movie? Your Kidding, Right?

Here’s to the 300th installment of the slowly fading / and getting so much worse movie series, American Pie! (American Pie Presents – Beta House! Little ‘Stiffler’ is now in college..) There is a new American Pie movie coming out. Does the writer of these scripts ever sleep? Or can he write in his sleep? It seems every time i wake up, there is a new American Pie movie coming out. Now they are even going straight to DVD! You know what that means! (When a hit movie series goes straight to DVD) Heres what that means..

(note that i actually like these movies, it’s just that they are getting worse)

It means that the movie series is getting played out. Like small Disney Movies, being released straight to DVD, means that about half of the regular population that would normally hear about this movie, will not in fact hear about this movie, until it’s out on DVD. Some may not even know for months after it comes out to DVD. When something isn’t released in a theater, they lose most of their audience. From making so many American Pie movies, they are starting to get played out, so they don’t bother putting them in the theater. Do they know that they are losing audience? Please tell me they don’t think they will be gaining an audience. (In some cases they will – Such as TV advertisements they put out)

I remember when the American Pie movie series first started getting played out. ‘The Naked Mile’ was the mild beginning to this. I cant remember wether or not it was released in theaters, but it wasn’t as ‘produced’ (for lack of a better word. a way better word.) as the earlier parts of the movie series. What really brought this off, was when they started using ‘American Pie Presents..’ _____. Its more like a long series now, rather than a trilogy movie set. I noted above that i did in fact enjoy these movies, but they are just getting worse. They are just getting worse. In the beginning, it was the first ‘modern age’ ‘teen’ film to actually be a hit. The first one that all the kids recognized. The movie their parents wouldn’t let them watch because there’s a scene where a kid f***s an apple pie. That really gave it its trademark, hence the name ‘American Pie.’

Well there my little rant about the movie series ‘American Pie’ – Hope it was tasteful for you. Just a little expression of boredom on my part. Another one? Come on.. There’s been so many, although they are all pretty good, the writer has to have the ability to write in his sleep. If he sleeps. As stated above. So enjoy ‘Beta House’ – December 26th on DVD. Or, like some others – Its on Bit Torrent!


11 thoughts on “Another American Pie Movie? Your Kidding, Right?

  1. yea well idk really care what other people say all the american pie movies fucking rocked and i hope they keep making them because i really fucking love watching them and as long as they keep makeing them i will keep buying them and watching them

  2. American pie is the best bloody i have seen in ages i reckon they should keep making them. But you just can’t beat the first three they were the best.

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  4. i think they might have 2 tune down the nudtiy and speach 4 theaters now a days, and wat would u rather have? i think they made the right thing :].

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