CompUSA Closing For Good? – Cool And Not So Cool.

According to TechCrunch, Engadget, ArsTechnica and CNNCompUSA is closing their remaining 103 stores after the holidays are over. Originally, they closed a few of them, but they are heading into the ‘deadpool’. They are done. Hopefully we get a good replacement. They weren’t as bad as i hear from a lot of people. At least, not around here anyway.

UPDATE MacRumors claims  that the few stores that will remain open through the holiday season, will have heavy discounts to clear out their inventory! Saving the big bucks because they have to get rid of everything before they close down the stores for good. This is very good news. MacRumors also claims that their reason for closing is typically because they couldn’t keep up their profits with its competitors. They just couldn’t compete when it came to pulling in a profit.

TechCrunch also states that they have had a ton of horrible customer service, bad prices, and a bad selection. From my experience, i’ve only experienced few problems with CompUSA. The same problems you can encounter at some other places (I’m talking about customer service here). They let people work there that don’t know a thing about technology. The only knowledge they have sometimes is what they see in the stores own ads. Although, CompUSA isn’t the only place i’ve experienced annoyances like this. So i cant put them on the spot.

Onto the bad selection and bad prices part. The prices are not horrible. They aren’t competitive on most accounts. Some products are priced pretty well, and it was good just have a place to go pick up a mouse if it was broken, close to home. Selection wise, it wasn’t horrible. They had a fairly large store, so they had a huge selection. I also loved how they had an Apple section in there unlike most stores. That was very convenient, seeing as the closest Apple Store to me, was a lot farther than CompUSA.

So overall, I’m not too happy with the closing of CompUSA for good. One thing i do think is awesome about it though, is (mentioned by TechCrunch) that there will most likely be some huge clearance sales at all the CompUSA stores! If they are closing for good, you bet they have to get rid of everything on those shelfs. Make some money at the end of the computer selling lifetime, why not? I cant wait for updates on sales that come from CompUSA in the near future. Something better come in its place, or else ill have to lug myself a lot farther to get some good computer stuff hands on. CompUSA was the place i went for anything usually. It was ‘right there’ and it was reliable most of the time. It shouldn’t go down like this! In my opinion.


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