MacMall Once Again Has Great Sales, Ready For The Holidays!

Seeing as MacMall is in existence, i don’t see any reason to shop at Apple. Honestly, if you can get every Mac, every iPod, and every accessory much cheaper, than why even bother with the Apple Online Store? We all know that the only way Apple profits off of Macs on the Apple Website, is by over-pricing their RAM in the BTO (Built-To-Order) options. Or so i have heard. And i don’t think they need much more money. Figured i would just throw that out there for everyone. A cool little fact.

AppleInsider posts a great list on MacMall’s savings along with savings on Amazon. The savings include iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros. Here are some clippings of the savings from AppleInsider.

“The online retailer is stocking 17 configurations of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook, offering mail-in-rebates of $75 to $100 on each model.” They are also offering a free Espon Stylus CX7400 Color All-in-One printer or a free HP Deskjet F4180 All-in-One printer on top of all that! “MacMall is also stocking 31 configurations of Apple’s current 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro models, offering mail-in-rebates of $150 on each model.” There are also some instant discount options on some configurations.

So there you have it – go and shop MacMall for the holidays for the best deals on the net. Make sure to view this post by AppleInsider, to view a lot more about these deals.


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