How To Instantly Get Rid Of A Headache!

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So i had a headache, and did what i always did when i needed help with something small like this. Used the power of Google, to solve my problems. I searched ‘How to get rid of a headache’ and the second result, was a link to WikiHow. I read the first bit, and thought, there’s no way this could work. So then i tried it, i put pressure on my eye. Just above the eye, under the bone for about 5 seconds. It hurt a little bit, blurred my vision for a second, but then it was instantly gone. The headache was dominated.

UPDATE Heres a tip. When you apply pressure to the eye, squinting will make it hurt much less when pushing on it. Just as if you were looking at the sun. Happy headache killing! Also, this is an awesome fact. “The endorphins are the body’s own natural painkillers and are more powerful than morphine.”

“Feel the top ridge of your eye socket under the eyebrow. You will discover a small groove in your skull about the center of the top of the eye socket. In this groove is a nerve which is very sensitive to pressure. If you compress this nerve, it will be very painful. However, the pain will stimulate the pituitary to release endorphins immediately. The endorphins are the body’s own natural painkillers and are more powerful than morphine.”

It says to do it for about 10 seconds, but for me it worked in about 5 seconds. The WikiHow also states to repeat it up to 20 times if needed, so it releases enough ‘endorphins‘ to stimulate the nerve, and kill the pain.

Endorphins are endogenous opioid biochemical compounds. They are polypeptides produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates, and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a sense of well-being. In other words, they might work as “natural pain killers.” Using drugs may increase the effects of the endorphins.” –Wikipedia

You’ve got to love the power of the internet these days. Maybe Advil boxes should just contain a piece of paper with the WikiHow printed on it. So there you go, don’t pay for Advil, just push on your eye socket!

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Anyone that views this post should be going to my NEW blog. Unreal Banter.


186 thoughts on “How To Instantly Get Rid Of A Headache!

  1. Hi. this looks awesome!!.
    If it releases endorphins shouldn’t that work on any pain one might have, not just headaches?

  2. I would assume? I havent tried it with anything else, but i know that there are other pressure points.. (But i dont know where they are) So maybe try another one (find it on the net somewhere) closer to the pain. Some logic. Ha.

  3. Heyy. I have tried this before. I get the type of headaches that usually feel as if they are “behind the eye” or in my temple. Really annoying! And the pain usually moves around sometimes it’s like someone is stabbing me! But this really helps, thanks for putting it out there. Another way to help reduce a headache is to Take a bath,neck massage,back massage,massaging your face, rubbing your palms together so they get warm and pressing them gently over your eyelids to stop them from moving, and drinking lots of water. These things don’t work all the time though!!

  4. This is very interesting.. It seems I am very late on this Blog but i am glad I found this post. Hopefully I dont do it wrong LOL

    I usually use the pressure point between my index finger and my thumb but it doesnt always work.. hmm i will give this a try


  5. Eh…I don’t do medicine. I rather take the natural way to get rid of one (like drinking a lot of water).

  6. This did NOT work..
    It gave me a even bigger head ache..
    and i was already puking as it is from the head ache.
    I dont like this..

  7. Ive had a headache for the past four days!
    And this didnt work it made it worse,
    and im only thirteen
    I shoudnt get head aches like this..

  8. i have this huge headache, tried to do this 3 times, now my eyes are a bit numb, haha. I don’t know if it’s psychological but my headache was instantly lessen. At first I thought was actually gone, but it came back again, but a little less painful :)

  9. @Tracy – It doesn’t work for everyone, everytime.

    @Jouie – Yes it usually works to ease the pain at least temporarily, and can hurt your eyes if you push too hard, or make them numb.

    @MAD – No problem! Don’t thank me though, thank the WikiHow page for ‘How to get rid of a headache’ and the Wikipedia page on Endorphins that had detailed information about this.

  10. Yeah…Endorphins are 10 times as powerful as morphine, however…what if your headache is caused by withdrawal…from MORPHINE?! That is my issue here…Either way the eye socket thing isn’t working…I think I just need more morphine instead

    But that is part of another dilemma entirely
    Oh the downsides of life =(

  11. Well if you’re withdrawing from Morphine (which is quite a heavy withdrawal) fighting it with anything less then how strong Morphine is won’t quite help.

    OTC pain killers won’t quite work for more than a few minutes anyway. Withdrawal is a tough thing!

    And oh the downsides of life, tell me about it.

  12. i have 2 say this really works,ive had a headache for 3 weeks,only time it goes is when sleeping,i have tried all sorts of tablets and non worked,after finding this page and tryin it after the 3rd time it feels like my sore head has gone,such a simple thing 2 do but it really does work

  13. well it works for a few minutes, but then your headache comes back. i wish it worked for good…i would never buy tylenol again! oh well.

  14. i did this like 10 times and my headache would go away for a couple seconds then just come my eyes hurt too. by the way i seen this on wikihow and thay said put 10 teaspoons of cayan pepper in a glass of water and drink to do the same thing.

  15. There are so many great tips here to follow. I’ve battled stress headaches and tension headaches for a good portion of my life. One thing that REALLY helps me is walking by myself. It doesn’t have to be an hour walk. It could be for just fifteen minutes but it allows me to clear my mind and put things in proper perspective. I’m able to priorotize my problems and deal with them in a more orderly fashion instead of trying to solve them all at once. When you try to take care of everything all at the same time, even the slightest problem can seem overwhelming. The mere fact of being outside in the fresh air is also very relaxing. The other thing that really helps me is using an aromatherapy eye pillow. I keep the eye pillow in the freezer so it’s always ready to use. I use one with peppermint leaves, peppermint oils and flax seed.

    The weight of the flax seed works like acupressure on my eyes and temples. The flax seed holds the cold in to help reduce swelling and stress around my eyes. The peppermint scent just opens my sinuses right up and helps me breathe so much better. That alone helps me to relax. The eye pillow itself blocks out any light which always helps my headaches! The company I purchased it from is A Touch Of Satin. Their website is if anyone is interested.

    They use organic flax seed and organic peppermint leaves and that was important to me. If you think this will help you then you might want to give them a look. I hope this helps everybody. It certainly helps me!

  16. wtf you guys are so fucking retarded if you do that your fucking wrecking your eye and your going to get fucking TRAUMATIC HYPHEMA IN YOUR FUCKING EYE YOU RETARDS

  17. how bout that. it did work. i kepty it up for a few minutes and it went away, but then it came back, so i did it a few more times, and poof! gone!

  18. I don’t reccomend doing this, your going to cause extreme damage to your eyes by doing this as from experience I used to try this technique and after a while my eye became numb and my vision was blurred eventually I had to go to a doctor who refered me to a clinic. They said I was lucky I didn’t have to have an operation on my eyes and gave me some drops of some sort to use until the problem subsided.

    I suggest using the other techniques to lessen the pain and lie down and relax for a while. Forcing yourself to release endorphins is like taking cannabis or something, it’s not good at all.

  19. iv got one of those headaches you’ll do just anything to be shot of it.

    alas, i have no cannabis, so cant try that. cannabis kills a full on migraine dead like nothing else can… not that i consider migraines anything like headaches. with a headache i dont loose control of my body (unlike paralysis, its active, in a floppy way), hallucinate and other confusing (sometimes scary) visual distortions, vomitting etc…
    anyways.. this headache…

    only things i think i’ve yet to try from , , and here, is going for a walk, and taking a bath.

    i cant say for sure which of the many things i’ve tried has been working best, but i think the soothing music (jah bless boards of canada & music for reiki), massaging the crown (and neck, shoulders, arms, back) the two pressure point techniques seem to be among the most effective. drinking water is of course a must!

    seriously though…. ten spoons of cayenne pepper!? ten!???
    i tried it with one. i thought that would be enough. i took some ginkgo biloba to help increase bloodflow to the brain… seems smarter than signing up for the inevitable with the cayenne (even though i did that too)…. the cayenne comes out as hot as it goes in…. and it has to come out…. except on the way out…….. you dont have as much say about how quickly you can get it over with… nor do you get to flush with something less hot.

    still… its one of THOSE headaches, where you’ll try anything upon the moment of hearing about it. …kinda wish i had read on a bit about the warnings and dangers of the eye socket pressure point.

    prevention is better than cure as they say.
    knowing a problem is half the battle won.

    and so, i’m gonna think aloud on some of the likely causes…

    i reckon part of my headache’s cause (or the whole cause) was consumption of excitotoxins. i generally am very vigilant and stay away from them, even the hidden ones they’re very deceptively effective at not telling you about, as best i can. however, i fell for kettle chips’ “absolutely nothing artificial”, munched a whole bag to myself.

    another suspicion is drying spices. fenugreek, tumeric, and a pile of weird exotic indian named ones i dont even know the names of the top of my head.

    stress n shit. hence why the massage works/worked so well.

    wifi. sounds strange, but i have noticed it gives/exaserbates headaches.

    mobile phone calls…. had a long one the other day, over 2 minutes. not smart.

    can you get caffeine withdrawl symptoms from having just one cup of tea in the past couple months? naaaah.

    one of the vitamin C suppliments i took had nasty fillers in it, artificial sweetners and the like.

    i might have attained immortal blood and consumed some garlic… that gives a real b*st*rd o a headache.

    i could go on, but moving swiftly on to the end…

    just before hitting send, i thought of a couple other things, kinda on the same line as pressure points and massage… your ears and feet. i could say your head and feet, but you’re probably already ontop of the head massage thing if you’ve come this far. both the ears and feet are said to be uhh…. [searches for word].. alegories (?) of your whole body. i think they call it reflexology for your feet (even though the name sounds like its the study of reflexes). and in such a school, ever practical as it is, it’s said your brain’s correlate possition is a pressure point on your big toe (i’m sure you can look up google to explain more accurately where it’s located), a massage of your whole foot is almost as good as a whole body massage… especially if you do the ears too. the outter edge is equivalent of your spine, so it’s often a big help to rub out the tension built up there.
    i’ll bet those yoga/ayurveda wellbeing specialists can tell you loads more.

    thnx for lettin me share. :)
    it helped take my mind of this residual pain a bit. infact i suspect i was just waffling rubbish to keep my mind busy at times there. sorry bout that. haha.

    gonna play the didgeridoo since i dont have any bagpipes. ;D

    wishing all you headache sufferers a swift, enjoyable expedient relief, and a clearing away of the cause. … and all the best. :D

  20. Okay, for a long time I always used ice to get rid of my headach, that is until it didn’t work. I then as a last resord decided heat would work so I warmed up a washcloth in the microwave, however I found out that I had to keep reheating it over and over again. I needed something that would hold heat for longer than 2 minutes, then it came to me. RICE. I took a whole box of rice and poured it in one of my fiance’s socks then I sewed the end I stuck it in the microwave and I’ve been using it ever since. I also put some pepermint scent in it to get rid of the “burnt rice” smell and for the past 6 months thats the only thing that can get rid of my headachs…

    poking myself in the eye doesn’t work for me! :)

    Hmm maybe this will help someone in need!

    OH and its WAY cheaper than spending 25.00 + shipping and handling on one of those satin things some lady was talking about in an above post!


  21. I have a really bad headache. I tried this, it worked. Then my moms loud friend came over and made my headache come back. FML

  22. I think the hardest part is trying to find the right place to apply pressure. I tried this several times without a positive outcome but I finally found the right spot to push on and was suprised at how well this actually worked. I was very skeptical.

    Thanks for the tip.

  23. Oh my gosh!! Had to do it a couple of times but this REALLY worked. I’m amazed! I’ve had an awful headache behind my left eye into its 4th day. Painkillers weren’t working so out of desperation i googled ‘how to get rid of a headache behind the eye’ and this was the first thing that came up. Didn’t think it would work but thought it was worth a try. I’m stunned-you are absolutely my favourite person right now! Thank you sooo much for sharing :-)

  24. And whoever said this, “Forcing yourself to release endorphins is like taking cannabis or something, it’s not good at all.” is an idiot.

  25. I tried the technique and it works wonders sometimes and not so much other times.

    I followed sunnydays 13’s advice and got one of those aromatherapy eye pillows from A Touch Of Satin. I find it helps me a lot. The cold flax seed really helps my eyes and sinus pressure as well.

    erica likes heating up rice in the microwave. I guess that works for her and that’s great but they really don’t recommend putting heat on your eyes. It might be good on the back of your neck though, if it is a stress headache. I love the way the cold eye pillow, right from the freezer feels on my face and it helps any swelling around the eyes.

    I guess whatever works for you is what you go with.

    Great article and nice to see a lot of comments and advice!

  26. well the trick to this is that you have to pretty much be in a quiet dark room so u are relaxed it helps big time… it really works if u have the patience to find the right spot and apply enough pressure to actually make the headache go away…. and sometimes it wont go away fully just be less intense!!

  27. the pressure point feel like a little indent on the bone like a little towords your nose, your supposed to press it until you feel so much pressure u cant stand it and then release it and repeat until ur headache is gone i hope that helps!!

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  29. I was literally puking and ready to die at work when i came across this. Then BAM im good to go again. thanks man!

    Whoever WTF is has no idea what the heck their talking about, TRAUMATIC HYPHEMA comes from trauma to the eyeball, not the nerve above the eyeball. so squeeze on my friends and let the headaches have it.

    also erica, i strongly doubt you thought of the rice idea yourself.

  30. Big thanks, you have best articles and this one I liked the most!

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  31. This technique really works!! I was not too sure of this at first, but I gave it a try. I’m big in natural cures and have had 35 IV Chelation Treatment to get all the plaque and lead out of my veins, to prevent heart by-pass. Also, I have witnessed with my own two eyes people coming into clinic with cancer and 3 months later they are completely healed of the cancer, The Doc puts 100,000 miligrams of Vitamin C and 40,000 Vitamin B-12 along with 10000 EDTA in a IV drip bag, It is unbelievable how it kills cancer naturally. By the way, my headache is completely GONE!!!

  32. I tried this and it worked, well for a few seconds anyway, so while i was waiting for the feeling to come back in my eye, I decided to read the comments. I laughed so damned hard at some of the comments that my bloody headache is worse than ever… At least now i have a headache and feel happy…lol….

  33. Wow. It works like instantly. I thought it was cool at first, but shortly, the headache came back. Thanks anyway though. I found out how to deal with it temporarily. (But I DO get migraines. It’s been a problem with me all my life. Never just had a headache. So I guess that could be why.)

  34. It seemed to help the ache in the front of my head, but above my ears and the back of my head still throb. I used to be on Reglan but took myself off due to lawsuits that I read about. This headache has been going on for over a week now, but today it is really intense. I am always happy for any advice, so thank you for taking the time to post your information, it seems that it works well for the majority of ppl who have tried it.

  35. OMG it actually worked!!!
    i woke up this morning and had a headache
    then i tried it and it actually worked tyy soooooooo much!

  36. if you take a hit of acid or mushrooms right at the onset of the headache, it will kill it off. and you get to be high on acid or mushrooms. Legit. They’re drugs called ‘interrupters’, and work similarly to many ‘triptans’ prescribed for migraines or depression.

    HOWEVER, I have taken acid after waiting a little after the onset. Being high for 12 hours with a headache sucks balls. keep drugs handy :D

    • That’s quite risky with the acid or shrooms thing.. But yes that’s true and pretty cool.

      Now do you know that If your tripping on acid, (not sure about mushrooms) you can take a handful of anti-depressants (SSRI’s I believe) to stop it in it’s tracks? (not sure if it stops you from tripping or prevents you from tripping any harder)

      Heard that on House the tv show.. True? False?

  37. Had a steaming headache right above my left eye… applied this presure point a couple of times and its gone… not completely but i feel so much more alert and healthier…

    will try this time and time again whenever i get a headache!! top post

  38. I just tried this after having had a headache for about half an hour from using the computer for a long time, and it actually worked! Headache has calmed down and have just opened a window to let some air in, which also helped in feeling better. Thank you !!

  39. zakk thanks for your post! and don’t mind all the retards who talk shit because they are too dumb to find their eye socket :) bye

    • This worked for me- I’m pregnant and can only take paracetamol which doesn’t work for
      Me. Thanks for posting! X

  40. Pingback: What are these headaches?

  41. This worked the first time for a few minutes…twas amazing.but i aquired the headache once more. Awww shucks…i guess ill try a the neck back and head regions…headaches are satanic.

  42. I had a really bad headache so I googled how to get rid of it, and found this. You have no idea how much I love you right now thank you so much !!!

  43. Lord knows it tried ,so now between throwing up,I read the posts some people are so damn smart and amazing,thanks so much for the laughs ,

  44. i suffer with headaches alot tried.this and it worked also another tip if you’ve got a headache give yourself a head massage , just as if you where washing your hair, apply pressure … it will realse the tension and your headache free (hopefully)

  45. Didn’t work completely, I still feel it a little but it definitely made it possible to get out of bed and do things. Thank you!

  46. What the fuck is this? You are all idiots if you think this actually works!! I tried this on my sister and now she is blind.I took her to the hospital and they said they will have to do an operation because her eyes are damaged completely. I demand 100 dollars from each and everyone of you, and 10000 dollars from the asshole who wrote this post. If anything happens to my sister I swear I will hunt down each one of you and carve your eyes out with a plastic knife.

  47. oh unicorn this kinda worked, when i get head aches i shake my head quickly and its been a habit but this crazy cool , it worked for me. AWESOME

  48. EEEEEK!!!! I’m not trying this anymore, pressure points usually don’t work on me, and some of the responses from people who used this were pretty scary, I’d rather have a headache then lose my eyesight completely

    • It’s just a pressure point that happens to expedite the release of Endorphin throughout the body. I’ve told people not to push TOO hard, etc.. It’s up to them, used correctly, the method is completely safe unless you have a pre-existing eye condition of some kind.

  49. I hope you all end up okay, and to you people who use this constantly, Stop! You really shouldn’t try this, Zackforchili, I know you probably had good intentions but this isn’t safe!!

    • Tell it to Wikipedia! Just passing on something that works. This was ages ago, too. I know this doesn’t actually WORK constantly. SOMETIMES, it provides a knockout method.. People should know that if it doesn’t work the first time or two, to stop using the method. Up to them.

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