The Best-Worst Movie Ever, A Documentary

We all should know the worst movie ever, Troll 2. I remember seeing it so long ago, and i thought it was the most gritty, disgusting, scariest movie i’ve ever seen. A perfect description of the perfect, horrible horror movie. To this day, i could watch it and enjoy it. Its an icon in the horror movie world. It was so bad, it was amazing. This new documentary about it, explains it all.

A new documentary titled, “The Best, Worst Movie” (Link to Troll 2 fan-site and home of this documentary) will hit the market in 2008. I would have never known (until this teaser) that so many people thought exactly the same thing about it that i did! Its honestly amazing to see the movie coming out like this. What’s really cool about this documentary, is that the main character in Troll 2, is in fact the one that is making the film about it. Michael Stephenson. View his IMDB profile.

Ok, Im going to jump right in. Here is the teaser trailer for it, and while watching, you will learn some very interesting things about what this movie has done to its fans. We’re talking Troll 2 parties, insane fans, and a cult classic that is absolutely horrible. This is probably the most interesting documentary i’ve ever heard of. Im sure its going to be quite amazing, just to get the full low down on what this is all about.

So be sure to keep up on news about this new documentary coming out, Im sure many will enjoy it a lot. The icon of the film, George Hardy was in fact a dentist, and still is. He wasn’t a full time actor, but his realism was probably what made this movie so iconic! It all is explained in this new film coming out! Also, someone along with the Troll 2 crew has created the script for Troll 3. Hopefully we can see that in the making sometime soon!


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