CompUSA Discount List, Windows 7 Multi-Touch, Glass Mustang Roof


CompUSA Discount List Revealed – Just as mentioned in my past CompUSA post, the franchise store is closing their remaining 103 stores sometime after the holidays. They will be having discounts on almost everything you could think of throughout its remaining time open. The Consumerist has posted a complete list of products showing their percent off. Check this out, get to CompUSA soon and buy some discounted products!

Windows 7 Multi-Touch – “The sequel to Windows Vista will include touch input that outperforms the iPhone, Microsoft claims.”  –AppleInsider. It’s probably going to be based on what they used for the Microsoft Surface, obviously. The Surface blew me away, so Im not doubting that this will out-perform the iPhone.

Ford Offers Glass Roof For 2009 Mustang – “Hot on the heels of the new Ford Bullitt Mustang and the new Shelby GT500KR, America’s favorite muscle car drives into its 45th anniversary year sporting a new factory-installed glass roof.” –MustangEvolution. You usually don’t see me doing posts about this, but Im a fan of the new Mustang, and this is an awesome addition. Looks so good. Definitely check this out.


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