Quickbooks Data Loss, Seesmic Review, Apple Store Down?

Some sweet links. Short this time, but worth checking out!

Quickbooks for Mac deleting desktop files? – “Some users of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software have encountered unexpected deletion of their Desktop folders caused by a QuickBooks software update.” They have figured out the problem, and have addressed it. It would suck to be one of those that lost their desktop files… Sorry guys.

Apple Genius Bar Tip ‘Private Browsing’ – Everyones favorite porn feature, heres how to do it, by an Apple Genius. Its really simple, so i will just tell you. (If you don’t know already you must be very new to Mac.) Simply go to Safari in the menu bar, then go to ‘Private Browsing’ – read the dialog for details.

Apple Store Down For No Reason? – I guess so. The Apple Store went down for over an hour today, to come up with no new products, or anything. Could have been just updating some ads for the holiday sales or something.

Steak And Wine WLTV Episode – Gary V shares some good wines to have with steak, also announces the next contest to win a huge 6 Liter bottle of wine. Priced at $1500+, is being given away just like the last one.

Review of Seesmic by Loren FeldmanSeesmic. Probably the way reviews should be. Honest and to the point. Its also pretty hilarious when he bashes on it. Check it out. Gotta love 1938media. “It’s shitty in so many ways it’s hard to keep track. They are treating invites like Wonka tickets which is a joke. You are not missing anything at all. Promise. Just record a vid instantly on YouTube and post the link on twitter and call it a day.” Also check out the funniest video I’ve ever seen. Loren Feldman – Where are the black tech bloggers?


2 thoughts on “Quickbooks Data Loss, Seesmic Review, Apple Store Down?

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