Take A Design To The Next Level – Part 1

So on PSDTuts.com, there is a tutorial which lets you achieve a ‘Cool 3D Web Design Effect.’ Its a great tutorial from ‘Fabio.’ The final result of the tutorial is here. So take a look at that, and i will show you how to do a little something different with this design. Kinda cool, and very simple.

Ok, so once you have done the tutorial, read this. Now what we are doing, is taking a fairly advanced design, and doing something insanely simple to it, to achieve a different effect. Im sure some people have done something like this with it. It makes it look pretty cool. So lets get started, its simple as hell.

So the design is done, and here is what you can do to achieve a different effect. The layer of the rectangle you started with, is the color you are going to want to set the background color. The ‘header’ is the rectangle you are looking for. (The first or second step in the tutorial) So thats it! Very simple, but you do achieve a different effect, that comes out pretty cool looking. You could even change up the colors, and achieve a smoother effect with a grey or something. I created something like this. (Note that i changed the colors to grey, and also didn’t use the pattern on my version.) Anyway, hope you enjoy this small effect. Try doing this with other things as well. You can achieve great things by just changing colors to blend a different way.


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