First Links Of 2008!

Here is the first link set of 2008! Enjoy.

Succeed In 2008 – With this guide, you will learn and master tons of tips of succeeding and feeling good in the year of 2008. Tips on health, mentally and physically! Read this, and have an amazing year!

Kickflip Contest for 10k – A typical video documented kickflip contest. The first one to do it will get 10 thousand dollars! From Volcom. But heres the catch.. On a Surfboard! Over the lip, if you can do a kickflip, and have someone film it, you will get 10 thousand dollars from Volcom.

Win A Cloverfield Screening – “We have yet to get a real glimpse of the Cloverfield monster, but we all will soon enough. Paramount is holding sneak preview screenings of the film on Tuesday night, January 15th in select cities across North America.” The screening is not open to the general public though! The only wat you can get in is with a pass, and that pass can be obtained by searching your local newspaper, checking the internet, etc for contests to win! Click the link to view a list of cities with screenings.


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