Goldeneye, NetNewsWire, Bill Gates in Links

Three amazing stories in today’s link post.

Goldeneye Coming To Xbox 360 – Goldeneye, yes 007. Is coming to the Xbox 360, with full Xbox-Live support. This game was a huge hit on the Nintendo 64 console. I guarantee it to be a huge hit on the Xbox 360 as well. Especially with full Xbox-Live support! Amazing news here. The graphics will also be updated! Hopeful HD graphics, on an amazing old-school game like this.

Newsgator Releases Products For Free – The world’s best RSS reader, NetNewsWire by Newsgator, has been updated to a new version, and is now free! They used to charge for this product, and they offered a ‘lite’ version. Now its just NetNewsWire, and its free! The are releasing their other products for free as well!

Bill Gates Implies That Windows Sucks – In an interview at the CES 2008 Conference, Bill Gates basically implies that he thinks Windows Vista Sucks! “We asked a simple question: what Microsoft product could have used a little more polish before release? The answer astounded us. We would just like to thank Bill Gates for his honesty and his openness.”


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