The Hitcher – Worst Movie In The World..

Ok, so some of you have probably seen the semi new film called ‘The Hitcher.’ Correct? Not correct. Im sure every single one of you couldn’t bare to watch it from start to finish. Im completely serious. (For those of you that haven’t seen it) Do not bother watching this movie unless you really want to get annoyed and go crazy. You wont be able to watch it all the way through anyway. What i am about to say needs to be on paper, so Im delivering. Its pathetic. Heres why.

‘The Hitcher’ was a well put together film. A good base, and it looked pretty good. Its a good film when you don’t watch it. The trailer really was so much better then the film itself. Here is the real reason why its a bad film. Because it is more unrealistic than Harry Potter. Its more unrealistic than the worst of horror movies, of everything unrealistic. Every single choice that these characters make in this movie, starting at the very beginning, is a pathetic choice, that no-one in the entire god damn universe would ever think about making in their lives.

First, they start by picking up a hitchhiker. There’s the first horrible mistake. He looks like he smoked crack and he’s going to cut your throat in the first place, so why pick him up! (Thats not even close to the worst mistake) First let me say that the two main characters are the ones making the most mistakes, although some other characters are involved in making some really bad ones themselves. Not really mistakes on their part, more like things that they would NEVER DO!

There is one scene where they steal a police car, (Don’t ask.. They stole it due to 4 horrible annoying scenes i cant mention due to keeping my sanity) drive away with it, and as they are getting chased by 5 officers and a chopper on a straight away in the desert, they decide NOT to pull over the car because the killer is coming towards the cops chasing them. Then somehow he kills all the cops and even the one in the helicopter.. (Update) – While still being in the police car, (after obviously convincing the police force that they are actually innocent) they somehow forget to call for backup with the CB Radio that happened to be working 10 seconds ago. (In this scene, the killer actually drives away, giving them plenty of time to call for help with the CB Radio) Instead, they get out of the car because the tires were shot out by the killer, and decide to walk through the desert..

On paper, that scene didn’t sound that bad at all, but go watch it, and you tell me honestly if you didn’t want to kill yourself after watching it up to that scene. Anyway, the movie goes on into an insane ravish of bad choices, and stupid ones, and pathetic story line curves, that somehow make the 2 victims, suspects of the crime, that will make you want to throw your TV out the window. Good luck watching this movie. To hell with the creators of this movie.


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