MacBook Air – Our New Little Anorexic

The MacBook Air, Apple’s newest ‘Sub-Notebook’ was released yesterday, and I’ve decided to join the crowd that thinks its a mistake. The baby put up for adoption that no-one ever picks up. Kinda harsh, but eh, this is how i feel about Apple’s newest addition to their MacBook line.

I understand Apple’s awesome attempt on making a beautiful thin machine.. But come on guys.. Your supposed to know what the laptop users want. We want a crossbreed of the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. A little monster. Not an anorexic little girl of a laptop. We want a semi-powerful, inexpensive, more beautiful version of the MacBook. Im sorry, but my laptop doesn’t need to be anorexic. The MacBook and MacBook Pro are both thin enough.

All I’ve wanted, was a brushed metal version of the MacBook. Possibly a 15″ screen? Im in no need of a sub-notebook. I don’t think anyone is. The MacBook family is small enough. Thinner is the last thing i would want Apple to do. Maybe just more awesome?

Very disappointed with this machine. Insane price with less HD space? Come on. Solid State.. Who cares. As long as you have enough space to store all your favorite files, you should be fine.Im hoping no-one will buy this new machine, so Apple learns a lesson. But like everything else Apple, it will sell like hell and they will be happy they released it. Money hounders are going to buy this for the cool multi touch gestures so they can show their kids. Please fail. Please.

Please disregard my opinions if you have anything bad to say about my anorexic little girl views. Thank you.


One thought on “MacBook Air – Our New Little Anorexic

  1. Good points. The only ppl i believe might be interested in this r frequent travelers (busines men/reporters etc), can’t see this being a hit for regular mac users.

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