My Experience With 1.1.3 Firmware

So i tried to use iBrickr with Windows, on my iPod Touch. Heres what happened. I go through the entire process without any problems. It took only about 20 minutes as expected. The next thing you know, i have a perfect iPod Touch with 1.1.3 firmware installed, and on the home screen. So i though, it actually worked? The iPhone only jailbreak worked on my iPod Touch? It did. BUT..

It wouldn’t let me put the apps on there. Figures.. You can’t get out of paying 20 dollars for the new apps, and cant YET jailbreak the 1.1.3 iPod Touch. (It wont let you install the apps on there with 1.1.3 and on there) When i started this process, there were no answers to the question, “Does this work on the iPod Touch?”

So i ended up paying the $20 for the apps.. And they are actually a lot better than i thought. Even though i had them when it was jail-broken, they are better legit. The moving icons, and adding to home screen is very amazing. I cant get enough of it.

So now, i will await the SDK, and some insanely incredible apps that will follow. They will be so good. The apps that were on there, but legit, and better. What more could you ask for?

UPDATE – I have jail-broken 1.1.3 and it works perfect. The mail client is having some problems, but nothing a re-install probably wont fix. Any tips on that, i would be glad to take.

UPDATE II –  The mail client is now working. Their was a fix in Thanks to the creator of that for enabling me to check my mail on my jailbroken 1.1.3!


7 thoughts on “My Experience With 1.1.3 Firmware

  1. so – did the 3rd party apps you had on the Touch prior to the upgrade to 1.1.3 (jailbreak) still work? Or were any of your old 3rd party apps lost?

  2. I had restored my iPod Touch earlier, because i was having problems getting from 1.1.3 (without the new apps, i just tried out the update before actually going to 1.1.3 through ibrickr). so i erased the apps before hand.

  3. Have you tried reloading any of the old apps yet? I’m thinking of paying for the $20 apps – but I would really miss some of the apps I’ve gotten more than a little used to…such as the converter , ebooks, chess, chinese chess, etc…

  4. No, on 1.1.3 (on the iPod Touch) is so far, isnt jailbroken. So i cant reload the apps onto it. Soon though, there will be one, which will be most likely identical to the iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak released today. For now, i would go with the 20 dollar apps, seeing as you will have to pay for the new features anyway. (such as ‘locate me’ in the new google maps app) (to get those features to work correctly)

    Until Late February, when the SDK is released and jailbreaking will be unneeded, $20 isnt bad at all. 1.1.3 is actually much better than i thought. I think you can deal without chess for about a month eh?

    P.S. – When the iPod Touch jailbreak does come out,

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