Book Review – Daddy’s Little Girl – M.H.C.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” By Mary Higgins Clark

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Rating On GoodReads: 5 Stars
Recommended To: Anyone, Anywhere
Recommended By: I picked it off my Mother’s bookshelf

Note: I have the hard-cover. Just saying because i put the review on the paperback. Not like it matters. Enjoy the review.

This book had sucked me in since the beginning. Not being an avid reader whatsoever, i was amazed how much this book grabbed me, and never let me go. The story-line was so approachable, and i couldn’t help but to remember every little second of it, and remember it so clearly, that i could relive it whenever i felt like it.

It played out so well in my head, i could have sworn it was written for the screen. It amazed me how well i thought out every scene as a movie. I would love to know how Mary Higgins Clark pictured it, because i think my view had to have been very similar. From the look of the settings, to the look of the characters, i had perfect pictures in my mind that will never leave me.

For being the first book i have read in a long time, i feel so accomplished after reading this, that I’m destine to see a film based on this book. If there isn’t one, or wont be one, we must do something about that. I have a perfect vision for every detail, and i hope to see this on the screen someday.

I give it 5 stars, hands down. Mary Higgins Clark created the perfect story with Daddy’s Little Girl. From the beginning, to the end. I hope you all will enjoy this book as well.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – Daddy’s Little Girl – M.H.C.

  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve seen this book at my local bookstore that I frequent (they also have coffee so I’m there a couple times a day). Next time I’m in I will pick it up – the other Mary Higgins Clark that I’ve read was great, so thanks for pointing me towards this one.

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