AVP2 – Wheres The Mystery?

IMDB – Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

So I caught Alien vs. Predator 2 last night, and was terribly disappointed throughout most of the movie. I kept watching and wondering why, and by the end of the film I had but only one conclusion. It lacked all mystery. Now lets get this straight. You have a movie, with Aliens. Yes, Aliens. (And predators) They crash their spaceship into this small suburban town, start to kill everything they come across, and at the same time, they fight their own war. Wouldn’t people be the slightest bit curious of what these crazy looking, drooling, and monstrous aliens are?

Not in this film. They did not seem to be the slightest bit curious of what they were. I understand they were fighting for their lives, but there were in fact downtimes in the movie. Perfect little places to stick together a plot containing mystery! At no point in the movie did any character say “What are these things?” It was as if they knew exactly what they were, and did not have time to ask questions. Which they did in fact have time to do. Without the characters making you feel as if there is something about the antagonist that they might not know, then the plot is just dead right there on the spot.

All the great horror/suspense movies give somewhat of a mysterious vibe from the characters and or antagonist. There should always be the feeling that there is something you don’t know about the antagonist. When that element is left out, you come up with a dull story line that is nothing but a trifle.

I will admit, it was entertaining throughout most of the movie, because having seen Alien vs. Predator, (the first one) you already know the mystery’s they could have conveyed in this sequel. That is pretty much it. Give us some unknown information. Some mystery. And you can make a film, which will make people want to watch it from beginning to end. I rest my case.


5 thoughts on “AVP2 – Wheres The Mystery?

  1. i’ve always wanted to watch the new aliens vs predator requiem movie because i’ve seen all the others and i love them

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