Digg Redirecting, Hackintosh, Photoshop Art

Haven’t done a link post in forever, so here we go.

Build A Hackintosh For $350 – A guide on how to create a ‘Hackintosh’ for a very small price. Hackintosh is pretty much just running Mac OSX, on a PC. This is a very good solution.

100 Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Art – Really good art in fact. Here is a page that contains 100 thumbnails linking to Photoshop tutorials for creating photo-realistic art. This art is amazing. Check this out for sure.

Digg Was Being Weird To Me – I just wanted to go to Digg. Every time i tried to, it redirected me to Feedburner. I seemed to be the only one having this problem. Regardless of what browser i used, it kept redirecting me. Heres a video. Click here to view in Vimeo HD.


2 thoughts on “Digg Redirecting, Hackintosh, Photoshop Art

  1. Im pretty sure you can embed it, but not on WordPress. If i had installed it on my server, maybe, (because it has perks like that) but this is hosted on WordPress.com.

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