Amazing Site Design – Barack Obama

So i was just cruising the internet after watching a movie, and decided to swing by Barack Obama’s website, along with Hillary Clinton’s. What i noticed is WOW. The design of these 2 sites, are in fact amazing. Its not that surprising, seeing that they have almost all of the money in the world to hire a web designer. But i give props to the designer(s) of these sites. Especially Barack Obama’s.

The designs consist of the smoothest, most gorgeous color schemes I’ve ever seen. They flow perfectly. If there is anywhere to get some inspiration, i would say go here. This is quite amazing.

TUAW actually posted on this. I found this after seeing Barack Obama’s site. TUAW says that Barack’s site resembles a Mac more than a PC, and Hillary’s site resembles that of a PC, rather than a Mac. Well, to sum this up, I hope we get a Mac user for a president. That would be lovely. Maybe the prices will go down. (Hint hint Barack!) Wouldn’t that just be amazing. Anyway, check out the site, and love it as much as i do, you designer you.

“With Obama’s site, all the features and elements are seamlessly integrated, just like the experience of using a program on a Macintosh computer.” Well isn’t that cute. Let me know what you think in the comments please. Happy primary voting to everyone that can vote unlike me.


4 thoughts on “Amazing Site Design – Barack Obama

  1. I humbly suggest people who are supporting other candidates (other than Ron Paul) check out this video:

    It is from the Florida GOP Debate in October 2007 & the only debate Ron Paul has been given equal time in a debate (for whatever reasons)

    Just check it out & form your own opinions. I have a feeling people who are supporting Hillary or Obama would be pleasantly surprised by

    how intelligent & honest Ron Paul is & realize how Hillary & Obama are really giving vapid answers (telling you what you want to hear) instead of intelligence.

    Just take a look, it will only take about 10 minutes of your time. We are all in this together.

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