He Was A Quiet Man – Movie Review

He Was A Quiet Man

Christian Slater. Thats all i really have to say right? His newest film, and his first hit in awhile. And WOW is it amazing. I watched it having no knowledge of what was about to hit me, and what a surprise. Let me just say, that if there is any movie that you should see, right NOW, its this one.

Right when the first scene started, after the mini prologue in the beginning, i was instantly sucked in until the end.

His performance in this movie, was outstanding. I give credit to the creators of this story for developing a character that stands out from the rest, and pulls through like you wouldn’t believe. The twists and turns in this movie make you want to jump out of your seat. At some points, you actually will jump out of your seat.

This movie illustrates almost exactly what i feel would happen with a guy like this one. It flows perfectly, because i know that this character is really capable of doing everything he does. Now lets talk about choices.

The choices made by this character, would never be made by someone of their right mind. This guy is the crazy neighbor.

Christian Slater was not the only one with an amazing performance. Elisha Cuthbert made it 10 times better. She brought out what it really would be like in her situation. (Her situation will not be explained because it would contain a spoiler) She really did it right. In every way. Someone would get this furious in her situation.

Lets end this with the fact that if you do not see this movie, and love it, i will feel sorry for you. You HAVE to see this movie. Trust me, if you regret watching this movie, or reading this blog, i will pay you. Whatever you want, i will seriously pay you in refund for wasting your time, which in fact, was not wasted at all.

This is a movie i will watch more than once more.


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