Apple Releases Leopard 10.5.2 In Software Update

Apple has just released their newest update to Mac OSX Leopard. It contains a huge amount of fixes to the operating system, and adds a few features that should have been there since day 1 of Leopard. There are many bugs in Leopard whether you really notice them or not, and hopefully they have gotten everything fixed by now.

So far there hasn’t been any error reports from anyone installing this update as there has been in the past. I will update if i find of any problems from me, or another source.

UPDATE – I’ve just installed the update, and it worked fine. I took screenshots of a few new features. Stacks List View, Opaque Menu Bar Option, and Opaque Menu Bar. I love the new option for Opaque Menu Bar. Update – Screenshot of the new Grid Stacks Background. Looks much nicer.

UPDATE II – The update has also stuck a Time Machine icon in my Menu Bar. It took me awhile to notice that. Anyone know of any other updates that i didn’t catch? Would appreciate it in the comments.



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