First 30 Days, A New Network For Changes

“Whether you’re starting a new job, getting married, switching to the Mac or have decided to live a green lifestyle, you’ll find the help you need at First30Days. Expert Advice. Helpful Tips. Q&A. Inspirational Stories. Community. And a whole lot more!”

This is something that i hope will make an impact. I think it will as well. First30Days is a network dedicated to helping people cope with changes, and guide them through on the first 30 days. It includes tips from experts such as authors, and professionals in making money, etc. Seems like a great thing.

Its not a mess where you can go in and add which ever change you want, which i think will be better for them. They have a set list of things that you might need to find out how to do, and cope with. You can make suggestions via feedback though, which seems pretty good. They only have things that matter. Not another insane social community.

I’m definitely signing up for this, and i cant wait to use it. Enjoy!



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