Netflix Chooses Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Gone By Years End

As you might know, I’m not a fan of Blu-Ray at all. Why? Because wouldn’t it be so much easier to just take DVD and make it HD-DVD? Thats very straight forward, and easy to remember. Its a Digital Video Disc, that supports High Definition! Blu-Ray is a cool name, but doesn’t give to the product whatsoever. I love Sony, but i hate what they are doing with Blu-Ray. Now Blu-Ray is supposed to get cheaper in the future, but HD-DVD is already there! I don’t get why Sony wants to take it all from them.

Now, Netflix is saying that they will only stock Blu-Ray discs in the future. Which means, “Good luck renting an HD-DVD soon.” They are said to let the current stock of HD-DVD’s phase out, and remain with Blu-Ray only titles. They should phase out at the end of the year. Blockbuster Online is still carrying HD-DVD though. They seem to be the only ones still supporting the endangered format.

This is a sad day. All the major production companies gave up on HD-DVD, and it is soon to see its demise. Hopefully they can somehow get back on their feet in the future for reasons stated earlier.

UPDATE – Best Buy is now even pushing Blu-Ray to the front, after what happened with Netflix. I don’t blame them after what happened. HD-DVD has lost it all since the change of the porn industry to Blu-Ray.



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