Aperture 2 & Apple TV Take 2 Released

I previously posted that the Apple store was down, but it came back shortly after that while i was in school. Aperture 2 is now released, along with the update for the Apple TV allowing all those new features shown at Macworld.

Aperture 2 New Features

  • Quick Preview mode — ‘for rapid-fire photo browsing’
  • Re-engineered database for the application to allow Quick Preview touted to be snappy even with half million image libraries.
  • An all-in-one heads-up panel for Library, Adjustment and Meta-data controls.
  • A selection of new tools: Recovery for blown highlights, Vignette & Devignette, Definition , Vibrancy and Repair and Retouch.
  • .Mac Web Gallery integration
  • ‘All Projects’ view, not dissimilar to iPhoto ’08’s ‘Events’ view improved RAW decoding.

UPDATEApple TV Take 2 Walk-through by TUAW



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