Piranha Remake Coming Summer 2009

Finally, we get a horror remake that might actually be as much fun as the underheralded original. With so much made out of resurrecting the franchises – Friday the 13th, Nightmare, Texas Chainsaw and most recently, Halloween – one of the original schlocky-but-original classics is coming back to the big screen.”

This is some heavy stuff. All these re-makes, and now finally we are sure to get one that will be worth it. The Piranha movie back in the day, was amazing, but could have been better. This is going to be one of those movies where I’m the only one that is going to love it. I love modern day re-makes, and i love what others might not. When i saw Cloverfield, it seemed as if i was the only one in the theater that was amazed by the entire movie. People were booing at the end. I was smiling like it made my day.



One thought on “Piranha Remake Coming Summer 2009

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