PageOnce – Personal Internet Assistant

PageOnce really caught my eye after seeing it on TechCrunch. A new private beta startup used to access all of your online accounts in one place. From Netflix, Blockbuster, and all of your common email providers – to all of your favorite social networks such as Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What it has aimed for, is one website – along the lines of HelloTxt – but for everything. I mean everything. They were mentioning accessing Verizon, At&t, American Express, Comcast, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and so many more. So many services, all in one place. I’d say, if they hit it off, with this private beta, and eventually go public – they will be called the most successful startup. The year is early yet, but wow, i can’t imagine whether or not its going to get better than this.

Its execution looks flawless, and very accessible. The interface, is not what i expected. Gorgeously designed, perfect for the revolution of Web 2.0 that we entered not too long ago. I signed up instantly, and had to post this blog. I know its going to be amazing, and I’m hoping i can get into the private beta. Overall, i think its going to be a huge hit. I’m probably going to use it constantly.

Here comes the day where we only need one window or tab open. Cant wait for this. This is the most exciting thing since the iPhone to me.



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