My iTunes Movie Renting Experience

First of all i want to point out that i think Apple could do a lot more to make this work. It is very dysfunctional, for lack of a better word. It doesn’t come together correctly. It doesn’t flow. Heres some facts.

  1. Average $2.99 Rental Fee
  2. 30 Days (I Think) To START Watching The Movie
  3. 24 Hours To Watch It After You Have Started It

So here is what is so bad about this. You have 30 days to start watching a movie that takes on average, about 20 minutes to download on a broadband connection. Your saving a movie for 30 days, when you can download it on demand in 20 minutes? They are giving you way too much time. Who is going to rent a movie and watch it 30 days later? I’m sure most people would watch it right after downloading it, or maybe they would download it, and give it about a day or so before watching it. 30 days is just outrageous.

Its an odd plan they have going for this. 24 hours to watch the movie, is not surprising and doesn’t make it that bad because our friend Time Warner Digital Cable does the same thing.

I downloaded “Orange County” in 14 minutes. I watched it immediately after the download. So now i have about 22 hours to disregard it completely, or watch it again. Not too shabby.

Here’s another thing you might need to look out for. It may be a one in a million experience, but I’ll lay it out there anyway. So you have 30 days to start watching this movie. You download it, then you go away for however long, knowing you will just watch it when you get back. (You Might Not Have A Laptop!) Someone in your household gets on the family iTunes account, sees the movie in the movie rentals selection, and watches the movie. They would have 24 hours until the movie is gone from the start. You’ve just wasted $2.99 on a movie that you didn’t even see.

I feel bad for that person. :)


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