Apple And Its Tuesday Madness

Apple has been laying down a product every Tuesday since 2008 has begun. This is a hot year so far for them. Tuesday is coming up, and there are a few things that are rumored for release.

  • Macbook Pro Update?
  • New iPhone?
  • New Cinema Display?

We have been awaiting those new Cinema Displays for awhile now. I wonder if they will come on Tuesday. Also, the iPhone’s SDK was supposed to come this Tuesday, but its been delayed until March. Maybe Apple has pushed it to make room for another goody to pop out this Tuesday.

“Sources reveal that shipments of new Apple products are planned for midweek. Historically, such information tends to reliably predicts new product releases.” -MacRumors. Link below.

I’m thinking that tomorrow we will get the new Macbook Pros. Its Apple’s closest product to the end of its cycle. Its due to have a refresh at this time. Lets see what Apple will lay on us this time.



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