The Bucket List – Review

The Bucket List, starring a promising cast, was touching, and hilarious. Jack Nicholson, and Morgan Freeman. 2 amazing actors starring in this fantastic film. I don’t think the film would be anywhere as good without them. I knew from the start that i should expect more than a lot from these actors.

I don’t think Jack Nicholson has ever been as funny and touching as he was in this film. He had me jumping out of my seat in laughter constantly through out a good piece of the film. Morgan Freeman had a promising comedic performance as well. Jack brought on the funny, and Morgan set it free.

On the other hand, the drama was just too touching. This is exactly what i could see a lot of people doing if they knew when they were going to die. These 2 actors played it so well. It brought the feeling right into your hand when they were together in this film.

The film is promising on all levels, and i recommend it to anyone that needs a good comedy drama at the moment. I haven’t seen one of these in awhile, and this one really came through for me, and i hope it will for you, too.


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