The Mist – Review

The Mist – Based on a story by Stephen King – was just insane. This movie took turns i never thought it would take. I didn’t even expect most of the spins from Stephen King. That tells me something. It tells me that this movie brought something new. Twists and turns you would really not expect from new horror movies.

The first thing i would like to talk about is Marcia Gay Harden’s character. Wow. What an evil woman. Watching her preach like she does in this movie, makes your skin crawl. I wanted to throw my monitor out of the window while she went on and on about God and how the others brought this disaster upon them. Her shutting up was the greatest relief i have ever felt in my entire life. You will enjoy the movie much more when shes not talking.

The next thing i would like to hit on is how different this movie was than i thought it would be. I figured it would bring the typical scary creature bug movie. Well if that is what your looking for in this movie, you have lucked out. The decisions made in this movie will cause you to question your ability to even think. Well played i must say. The movie really got me thinking towards the end, trying to guess what would happen next. At that point, anything could had happened. And something DID happen. And it happened good. Trust me you will know what i mean when you watch the movie.

I recommend this movie to anyone that is able to go see it. Straight forward, i thought it was amazing – and surprising. Other than the want to shoot yourself during Marcia Gay Harden’s ramblings, it was a fantastic film and i suggest everyone goes to see it.


3 thoughts on “The Mist – Review

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  2. Movie was great however the ending pissed me off. Before the
    last five minutes i would have given the movie an A+ after the end it failed for me. This is the kind of movie i would want my money back from. It makes me want to take a gun to Frank Darabont head and blow it off. One thing is for sure the next time i see his name on a movie im putting it back. The best thing about this movie was went they finally shot that bitch before she sacrified the boy. Though the whole point was mute when Frank had the kid and the other three survivors heads blown off 2 minutes before rescue came. Frank is a sadistic bastard who ruined a perfectly good movie by killing off the main characters except for the father in the end. Never again will I watch one of his movies. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER.

  3. @Unhappy – Yeah i thought the ending was a letdown, but yet brilliant at the same time. You would had never thought that the film maker had the balls to create an ending like that. I was so surprised. Also, just because of this movie, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch any more of his movies. Every film deserves a chance! Unless it’s Uwe Boll…

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