PageOnce – Finally Got In!

After the long wait, i randomly received an invite from a friend to PageOnce. So far so good. There are some very obvious pros and cons to this. I will go into detail here. Here is a link to my PageOnce pre-review.

Some obvious pros.

  • All your accounts in one place. Period.
  • Well designed, web 2.0.
  • VERY easy to use.
  • Incredibly simple.

Some obvious cons.

  • No Pownce!
  • Shows all MySpace messages. [Not just new ones.]
  • No AIM. Could have done a meebo type deal.
  • No inline way to send messages through anything.
  • There isn’t an auto refresh for any of the services!

The inline messaging thing could be a bit much to ask. But its still a CON in my book. Being able to message via AIM like on Meebo or JiveTalk, would make it awesome. No Pownce? Come on. Thats my main social network these days besides MySpace and Facebook.

I think they could find many better ways to do this. In my opinion, it was NOT as good as i posted it to be. Wow it sounded amazing before i got to use it. It was too good be be ‘true’ i guess. BUT, its still in BETA, so we will see what they can do with it before the public launch.

UPDATE II – So i hear those features may be coming soon. This is really good stuff. Cant wait to see what they will throw out soon!


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