Hulu – Shows And Movies Just Like On TV!

A few days ago, i had heard that Hulu was going public. I had no idea what Hulu was, so i checked it out. At first, it didn’t seem too appealing, but now that it is open to the public, it is quite amazing.

Its TV on your computer screen. You can watch full length films and TV series right on the internet, legally. How? Advertisements. On the video’s progress bar, there are small dots pointing out when there will be a commercial break. Just one advertisement. Not a million commercials like on TV.

UPDATE – Looking at the movies, they actually have a damn good selection. I’m pretty amazed actually. I’m going to watch The Usual Suspects, and Dude, Wheres My Car? right now. :) Some of the movies have the option to watch in 480p HD.

UPDATE 2 –  I’m watching The Usual Suspects as we speak, in 480p mode, full screen. It really is perfect quality. Better than 800MB standard compressed movie downloads. This is amazing. I heart you Hulu!

At first i thought it was too good to be true, but when i joined up and checked it out, i was so wrong. It is a perfect service, now all they have to really work on is the content. More content over time like usual, so i will stay tuned for sure. So far there is enough content to keep them going for awhile, so don’t be scared to join now.

Hulu is as simple as it could get. TV, or Movies? Hmm. Just click one, and start subscribing, and watching shows and movies as they appear!

Hulu has actually done something good for me. I’ve been wanting to get into TV series such as The Office, and House, and shows like that. The most popular shows in digital culture these days. Hulu has gotten me to start watching them. I can now watch these shows legally, and without a problem at all, right here on my computer screen. Thanks Hulu.

Thanks to Hulu for bringing their fantastic service and motivating me to actually watch TV series. I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. Finally the day has come. So friend me on Hulu, and lets have a good experience.


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