APRIL 3rd Good People Day Says Gary V!

Starting tomorrow will be the first “Good People Day.” Gary Vaynerchuk got some random inspiration today, and decided to make tomorrow Good People Day. He and the fans, would like you to pass this on! Post it everywhere.

Its big on Twitter right now since i got back into it, I’ve noticed these things. And since Gary V happens to be in my opinion, and most others, one of the most respected people on the internet today, im spreading the word as well.

Mashable passed it on, and hopefully the other networks will begin to as well! Ever since the first episode of WLTV, I’ve been so down for supporting this guy. He does wonderful things for the internet community and the well being behind it. Support Gary V and you get something in return, always.

So make sure to pass this on. Add me on Twitter and we can all make this happen. Thank you Gary V.


UPDATE – Huge mistake. The post title was MARCH instead of APRIL 3rd. An auto fill extension did this to me. I apologize to myself for making me look stupid. Thank god i caught it before the rest.


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