News On New ‘Bill And Ted’ Movie

/Film has brought to my attention, wind of a new “Bill And Ted” movie. You do remember the “Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey” right? They were hilariously goofy films about 2 “rocker dudes” that did crazy things while jamming on air guitars.

A few sources have revealed information about this upcoming remake. Moviehole has some interesting information on this, and /Film does as well. You can read their information separately, Im just going lat out why they should remake this movie, and how i feel about it.

I think that their should be a remake or sequel to the “Bill And Ted” series. It would just be incredibly fascinating to bring back something like this. Its old stuff, and now seems to be the perfect time to make something like this. The movie industry is going crazy these days with remakes, and all sorts of surprises. Seems like just a few months ago marked a new day for the industry. I started getting all this news on tons of remakes of classics, and sequels i never thought would come. So people out there in the industry, give us some more Bill And Ted.

BUT! Hold your horses people. Don’t get me wrong, a Bill And Ted sequel would be awesome either way, but it might not be THAT awesome just yet. Think about how amazing it would be to see Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter back on the screen together as Bill And Ted again. That would probably change the world completely. That would be over the top incredible. But.. Now think of it this way.

What if they kill this third installment like they are killing Ace Ventura 3? Taking an amazing couple of movies, and making a sequel that takes you for a ride with the young not-funny versions of themselves. The movies at first were incredible, and i would hate to see this go down like Ace Ventura 3 is going down.


2 thoughts on “News On New ‘Bill And Ted’ Movie

  1. I love the Bill and Ted movies a 3rd movie with Keanu and Alex would be so awesome but when, when will this happen they’ve been talking about this for years? They were going to do a Remake with up to date characters but Bill and Ted seem timeless and a 3rd movie would have to include them if not than don’t bother making it Thanks for letting me vent Richard

  2. Well, there hasn’t been any updates since I’ve written this post. It’s just a matter of whether or not Alex Winter and Reeves are up for it. It doesn’t look like they will be down for it..

    I don’t think the are willing to ruin this one like they did the Ace Ventura franchise. (With a 3rd movie without Jim Carrey) It’s very doubtful that they will do a 3rd without Winter and Reeves.

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