Adobe Media Player – Is Quite Amazing

Thanks to friends on Twitter i was reminded of the release of Adobe Media Player. I glanced over it in my RSS feeds for awhile and never thought much of it.

Adobe Media Player in simple words, is Joost but from Adobe. The interface is amazing and a lot cleaner than Joost’s. AMP is a little easier to navigate than Joost is sometimes, but other than that its very nice. High quality videos and everything. It seems to be the real deal.

Just like Joost though, it wont be that amazing until they get a lot of content. For something as new as it is, it has a fairly nice amount of content. Even content from Revision3. Having podcasts on there i think makes it worth having. Its like Joost and Hulu in a desktop application from Adobe.

It runs in Adobe AIR btw.

They even have an Adobe TV channel, featuring tons of tutorials and such for all the Creative Suite products created by Adobe. I found that quite cool. You would probably be surprised by all the awesome shows they have on there and the ease of use this app brings. Check it out.

Another update. After using it a lot, I’ve noticed that it takes a lot of your resources on the Mac running through AIR. Its really not a fast application. Well unless your computer can do just anything it wants to, say if you have a Mac Pro or a boosted MacBook Pro.

Due to its slow performance, it tends to drop the frame rate of videos by about 1 frame. Not horrible, but noticeable enough. Give it a try for yourself anyway, it might get fixed in an update or something. Maybe i just have too many apps open, but others have reported the same thing.

Ok, so after awhile of breaking it in i guess, it started to run very smoothly on my iMac. I can now see all the awesome effects it brings to the table as well. Fantastic interface. Just let it run a few times, and it should start to work better with your machine. Very happy about this.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Media Player – Is Quite Amazing

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