Filming Starts For New Friday The 13th Movie

/Film brought to attention a few days ago, the awakening of a new Friday The 13th film. They say it will have the R-Rating it needs to actually be a good horror movie. If they stripped the blood and gore down to a PG-13 rating, Im sure it wouldn’t even be worth seeing and it would be a horrible move from the film biz. The reboot will contain teenagers, nude scenes, and the oh classic drug and alcohol use factors.

After hearing of it on /Film, i quickly headed over to IMDB to check out the situation. Heres what i got. Filming starts April 21st in Austin, Texas. The film should be released February 13th, 2009. That day of course, is a Friday. Its going to be an epic day. Hopefully they don’t screw this one up.

Here is the plot outline from IMDB. “Looking to reopen a camp for special need kids a group of councilors encounter a snag in their plans when an unknown person begins to pick them off one by one.” Here is a link to a more detailed plot outline that contains minor spoilers i wont mention here.

Sounds like just a regular reboot. Just like the tons of others in the series. Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X were both a relief to get away from the constant coming back from the grave and killing for no reason theme. Hopefully they add some real twists and a more catchy plot outline. What ever happened to rumors about another vs. movie coming out?

Another update. IMDB does claim that its an “Untitled Friday The 13th Sequel.” That could mean.. A possible added twist? It might not be a basic reboot of the oldies. I’ll keep posted to see when the official name gets released.

To follow the latest details on this “reboot” visit its IMDB page here.

Update – Poster inside post. And a trailer here!


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