Cloverfield Out On DVD Now!

The highly anticipated movie of the year, Cloverfield has come out on DVD today, April 22nd. According to /Film, their is four different stores carrying different versions of the DVD. The same DVD, but with different exclusives.

Suncoast and FYE will be carrying the awesome box pictured above. Best Buy will carry the DVD with 30 minutes of bonus material. (Behind the scenes with HUD whom is the man behind the camera in the film.) Target will carry the DVD with “Rob’s going to Japan party mix” included. A mix-tape from the film. And the last and least, K-Mart and Sears will carry a DVD with a free Cloverfield ringtone! Wow do i want that one.

Go here for more detailed information on all of these DVD exclusives.

Im probably not going to purchase this for awhile, but Im going to go with the one from Best Buy. I really want to see behind the scenes with HUD. This movie still remains very mysterious, and no one knows real answers that i know of. JJ Abrams is already talking a sequel to the movie, and maybe we can find some back story on the film in the DVD exclusives! Pick up your copy today!


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