Alert Thingy / Friendfeed

Once again thanks to my buddies on Twitter, for reminding me of this piece of software. Now i think Friendfeed is pretty cool and all, but there are some things i just want to sat about it.

First of all, the TinyURL implementation with Alert Thingy is just genius, and i wish apps like Twhirl implemented it as well. It is in fact very useful to be able to shrink a link on the fly like that.

Now don’t get me wrong i like the idea of Friendfeed, but it was very confusing at first. I thought it would just be another web version of Twitter but with many other networks on there as well. At a glance, that is what it is. But the whole ‘add friend subscriptions’ thing is not working for me.

Now maybe i just haven’t explored enough of Friendfeed, but at a glance i don’t see a way to just get all your existing friends from all the networks on there. If someone could Twitter me with an answer, i would be very grateful. An answer of whether or not you can do that.

Update – After using Friendfeed for a little while, i noticed you can add RSS feeds from your blog and such. That is perfect. Now everyone can find out when i post new blogs. Awesome.

Update 2 – So randomly i open this minimized window containing Friendfeed, and i notice that what i just posted on Twitter, was already loaded into the feed. You know what that means. Real time updates. Thats insane, and i love it. If its not real time, than it must auto refresh very quickly, and maybe its got some sort of ‘push’ system. Which i doubt. I think that to this day, ‘push’ is only for email.

Update 3 – It in fact is real time-ish. It doesn’t ‘push’ nor do updates appear instantly as they are posted. But it does auto refresh within their servers with just a little bit of lag.

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