Cocaine Cowboys To Become HBO Series?

The reason i found this news so exciting, is that just recently i found out about Cocaine Cowboys, and just recently have i viewed the movie. I loved it, and thought it was one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a long time. It takes a good one to get me interested in doc’s.

/Film reports that the documentary ‘Cocaine Cowboys‘ from director Bill Corben, might become a TV drama series on HBO. Get this, Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer of the upcoming Prince of Persia – Sands of Time) and Michael Bay (Transformers) may be the ones behind it.

Cocaine Cowboys follows a story of a few people that were joined in the Cocaine boom in South Beach, Miami Florida in the 70’s – 80’s. The events that inspired Brain DePalma’s ‘Scarface‘. It’s an amazing documentary and i think everyone should see it now. Its available on torrent somewhere on the web.

Personally, after seeing the documentary itself, i think it would be an amazing idea to adapt it to an HBO drama series. I’m not a big TV fan, but if this went to the screen i would be addicted to it. I’m sure it would be bigger and better than The Wire, and all those mainstream shows.

Update – Well i forgot to talk about the sequel, so here it goes. Billy Corben is in the midst of creating a sequel to Cocaine Cowboys. It will start where the first left off, With the arrest of the ‘Godmother’ – the woman that was in charge of it all. The Cocaine Queen who was sent to jail for life. Someone sent in a fan letter to her while she was in jail, and they ended up becoming a millionaire after she led him to where the drugs were located and who to hook up with on the outside. I guess the sequel is about how he did all her work from the outside for her and brought in tons of cash because she was in jail for life. So the crime and drug smuggling never really stopped even by eliminating the main ‘honchos’.

Here is the sequel’s IMDB page.

Do you think it should be adapted to a HBO drama?


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