New ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ In Pre-Production!

While i was writing my last post, i had to look up Michael Bay on IMDB, and while on his page i realized an amazing group of words on the top of his page. The words read “Nightmare On Elm Street 2010.” Michael bay will be producing it. He is also producing the new Friday The 13th Remake (see this post).

Wes Craven of course, will be writing the 2010 film. The movie is in pre-production, so there isn’t too many details about it, but we know its confirmed and coming. To keep up with this movie visit the IMDB page to find out full details as they arise on the internet. And most likely, we will see the infamous Robert Englund (of course) playing Freddy Krueger in this film.

Its IMDB page reads, “A re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.” So the same as the Friday The 13th remake, but a different classic!

Update – For the new Friday The 13th movie coming out, they said it will have an R-Rating and all the blood and guts it will take to honor the original. So far, there hasn’t been any word on how it will go with this new Nightmare On Elm Street film. In order to honor the original in this case, they would have to do some crazy things. Freddy vs. Jason, was not that crazy. Once they bring back how they used to make it back in the day with insane blood and gore, then.. they will have honored the original.

Rumor – Billy Bob Thornton is rumored to replace Robert Englund as “Freddy Krueger” in this new installment. That would just be crazy, and i really wouldn’t be too angry about it.

What do you think about remaking two classic/epic horror films?


21 thoughts on “New ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ In Pre-Production!

  1. Wow. After all the thrills and chills from the original, I thought it really couldn’t get much better. Then Wes Craven’s New Nightmare came out, and it proved to out do all of the previous installments. Freddy Vs. Jason was a disappointment. The “Pinball” scene was pretty humorous, but as far as everything else goes, it failed, and lacked terribly. Jason X was decent, but it could have been better. I am having high hopes for the new Nightmare, and most likely, my hopes are correct.

  2. It’s weird hearing someone saying Freddy VS Jason was more of a disappointment than Jason-X was! I liked them both a lot because I’m a die hard fan of these movies, but everyone tells me Jason-X was horrible, but I don’t think that at all.

  3. yooo forchilli i cant believe I saw your name on here, i was trying to find out bout the new movies and i see ur name… crazy shit

  4. i want nancy : Michelle Williams or miley cyrus or rachel hurd-wood

    freddy : : Michael Bailey Smith or (Chason Schirmer )

    but we want robeeeerrtt he is the best..who can acting freddy good than robert englund ??

    and nancy why heather not acting in movie…she not acting nancy but she acting another one role….

  5. i really liked Freddy vs. Jason my favorite part of the movie was where Freddy played Jason like a pinball machine lol! the rest of the movie was also awesome! i can’t wait to see the remake of Friday the 13 and the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street

  6. I think Amanda Bynes would play such a great Nancy. I hope they don’t destroy it. I hope this is the one remake that really goes back to frightening people instead of just trying to gross us out. Cause if its anything like Jason the remake oh my god that was just terrible. my friends and I could grab a camera camp out in the wood and make a better movie then that piece of trash. It is possible for a remake to be awesome. So please if your out there don’t let us down its freddy for god sakes!!! Bring back that true fear

  7. first of all the jason remake was alright if u never seen jason before but if u have seen it it wasnt that good since when does jason run and shoot bow and arrows i cant wait for the new nightmare to come out i hope robert takes it but if not i think of all the choices johnny depp would be the next best thing. honestlt i would rather c a new freddy vs jason since the first was alright [could of been better] and bring michael into the equation i think that would be a hell of a movie

  8. freddy needs to be robert!don think no one can duplicate his evil laugh!!its ok if they replaced michael and jason but hey they don talk and they wear masks

  9. Ya for the new nightmere on elmstreet their shooting a part of it in my house… i guess the scene is there is a party on the first floor an a guy and girl go upstairs and dont know freddy is there…. ya so look for my house in the movie!!!

  10. Jackie Earle Kelly is going to be playing the new Fredddy Kruegar? Thats going to be interesting…Robert England has been playing Freddy since this all started its some tough shoes to fill and hopefully everything will be ok.

  11. In my last comment i stated Jackie Earle Kelly was going to play the new freddy…typo error the correct name is Jackie Earle Haley

  12. Yeaaa thay are shooting aome of this at John hersey high because i am going to be an extra also. some people only got a hallway scene but i will be doing it tuesday wich I think is a library scene of 30 people and i will be doing the hallway scene wich is 200 people and thats wednesday. People doing the hallway scene wont be paid money will be donated to after school sports and people doing any scene monday or tuesday will be paid.

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