My Thoughts – This Week So Far In Movies – May 7th

So far this week, their has been an array of great news about the film world. I’m going to shed my opinion on a few stories i have heard, and things that i have seen in movies this week so far. There are some bad, and some very cool things on their way from the film industry.

The Cast Of G.I. Joe

The cast of the upcoming G.I. Joe film has been announced. I’m not too fond of all the actors that are in the cast that was released, so I’m only going to talk about the ones that i do know, and what i think about them being in the film. Here are some thoughts.

For one, Dennis Quaid. I think Quaid being a part of this film is an awesome thing. Hes good in every movie he plays, so you already just know there wont be a problem with his acting at all. Hes very good at what he does, and there is not much to say about that. Hes playing a general in the movie, and its easy to see Quaid being great at that. Hes good at being a high figure.

The next is Channing Tatum. Now I’ve only seen him in a few films, but to me he doesn’t seem like the big actor a lot of people put him out to be. His role in Supercross back in 2005 i thought was one of the corniest performances that I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if he was huge back then though. Hes still not a huge actor, but hes up there. Hes just got the look i guess. I can guarantee hes going to be that snobby tough guy in the film. In the film his name is Duke. I mean come on?

Last but not least, Marlon Wayans. He plays a ranked sergeant in the film named Ripcord. Ripcord? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that name in my life. Probably a nickname but let it slide. I’m hoping they don’t fail at bringing him into the film with a comedic touch. I don’t think i would like a performance from any of the Wayans brothers if they weren’t in it to be comedians. I could see a movie like G.I. Joe being humorless. But if they can pull it off, power to em. But i don’t think they can.

Go here or here for full details on the cast.

Noise With Tim Robbins

Noise is about a man who just plainly, hates car alarms. The main character is played by Tim Robbins from The Shawshank Redemption. Robbins is an amazing actor to this day even. If you have seen The Shawshank Redemption, you would know. He has won Academy Awards for his work as an actor. Anyway, his character hates car alarms, and it drives him crazy throughout the movie, and he ends up creating a name for himself as a criminal smashing every car that lets off an alarm.

The trailer for the movie is out and I’m sure many will be very pleased with how good this movie really looks. It looks hilarious for a movie with Tim Robbins as the main character. He has done some somewhat funny films, but hes mainly a serious guy. I’m very pleased with how good this movie looks, and i think many others will be too. Be sure to check out the trailer!

View the trailer for Noise here.

Marvel Announces Next Four Films

Ok i have but only one good thing to say about this. The one good thing about what Marvel has announced is that there will be an Iron Man sequel. I have yet to see the first one, but i know its going to be good. I enjoy movies that are hyped like this one. I went and saw Cloverfield because of the hype, not even the movie itself. Now right into the bad and annoying stuff!

Marvel announced Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers! I’m not fans of any of those comical pieces of crap. I’m just not a comic kind of guy. Some cool comic-to-movie films will come out and i will enjoy them, but not for the most part. That is not even the general reason i don’t care for this news whatsoever. The reason is this, why do they have to make so damn many of them? Until they make one that is actually worth watching? I mean a few were awesome, don’t get me wrong, but for the most part they just aren’t as awesome as they think.

That is really all i had to say about that. Full details and release dates here.

Anchorman 2 Is Confirmed

I guess back in February, there was a rumor that Will Ferrel wanted to bring back the hilarious character of Ron Burgundy. That was good news in itself because Ron Burgundy really was no joke. Anchorman was such a good movie, and it was on HBO every night for me to watch every night.

So now it has been confirmed that Ron Burgundy and the news team will return for a sequel! I’m very excited to see the news team back in action again. This is just one of those sequels that you couldn’t miss for the world. This is one of my favorite characters Will Ferrel has ever played, from what i have seen so far.

Full details on the sequel to Anchorman here.

So what do you think of this weeks movie news so far?


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