Monday In The News, May 12

Today, May 12 i woke up with a bunch of great news in my face that i just had to throw at everyone all at once. I’m not creating a million posts today. So here is a ‘Links‘ post for todays news.

HBO TV Series Coming To iTunes?

Today i woke up and checked my RSS feeds to find that Mashable posts about HBO coming to iTunes. Hell, that is enough of a headline for me already. Last week i posted about Cocaine Cowboys becoming an HBO series, and how great it would be to see that on iTunes (If that really happens, i just think it will be really good).

When it comes to watching TV, all i watch is HBO. Its got the movies, and its got some great series. HBO is home for shows like In Treatment, The Wire, Oz, John Adams, and many other great shows. This story is about the shows, not the movies. HBO doesn’t really have anything to give when it comes to feature films. iTunes has its connections for films already, but HBO has great some great shows.

Mashable also says that there will be some sort of flexible pricing plan for HBO shows that could change Apples overall pricing plan on TV shows.

Update – HBO is now sharing their shows on iTunes! just one day after i posted the details, Engadget nailed it in the morning. So go check out HBO on iTunes!

Full details here.

Blackberry ‘Bold’ 9000 Gets Official On AT&T First.

RIM (Research In Motion), the creator of the Blackberry has confirmed the release (not the release date) of the Blackberry 9000 ‘Bold’ and boy is this thing sick. The first carrier it will be on in the US will of course be AT&T which is perfect for me because i plan to switch early next month.

This product is really no joke. After i checked out all the other Blackberry’s and even Palm’s selection of smart phones, nothing came close to this thing. The interface just looks incredible and the body is glossy, and the keys even have curves on them for easier typing.

UpdateMashable reports that Microsoft partnered with RIM to integrate Windows Live into the Blackberry. I’m not sure if that is relevant for the 9000’s sake, but something great for RIM’s Blackberry in general. We will see until summertime when Windows Live begins getting incorporated with Blackberry’s.

Here are pictures and full details!

Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote June 9th!

MacRumors reports that WWDC 08’s keynote will be given by Steve Jobs like usual, on June 9th. This is great news because WWDC I’m sure will roll out huge goodies. If the new iPhone doesn’t hit before then, it will almost definitely hit at WWDC.

Whenever Steve Jobs gives a keynote, something comes out. End of story. Something awesome, or sometimes very lame. But even if it stinks, you will somehow learn to love it. So now await all of the WWDC rumors in the next few weeks. There will be many of them like always!

Update – This is not officially confirmed by Apple but is most likely.

Full details.

The X-Files “I Want To Believe” Movie Trailer!

This is the news of the day for me people! I’ve been awaiting more on this new X-Files movie ever since i heard about it here. The release date for this new movie is July 25th of this year! I’ve had it in my calendar for months and months now, awaiting some more news.

Now the trailer isn’t too spectacular, but once i heard the epic original X-Files theme music, i knew they meant business. This movie is going to kick ass just like the series and just like the first movie! (Which is now available on iTunes for those weirdos that haven’t seen it) What i love what they weren’t afraid to do at all, was bring back the original cast. I bet if the actors wouldn’t come back for a sequel, the sequel wouldn’t have happened at all, but it is now a reality and its official.

Trailer can be viewed here!

Uwe Boll To Direct Grand Theft Auto Movie?

Ok, this i had to add to my list of May 12 news. Boll says that he could make this a better movie with an R rating and $30 million dollars than Michael Bay could with $150 million dollars and a PG-13 rating. Now i have to say if you don’t disagree and agree than you are crazy.

Ok Uwe Boll makes horrible movies. Michael Bay makes good ones, BUT this is not a movie for Michael Bay. No way could he slap a PG-13 on a movie based on Grand Theft Auto the video game. No way in hell could he ever pull it off correctly. GTA has the potential for an R rating. Without it, it would be a piece of crap. I don’t think you could mess something up that bad, ever.

So as an open statement, i think neither of them should do it. I don’t want to see a bad movie, and i sure as hell don’t want to see a movie like this with a wimp PG-13. Am i right or am i right?

Full Details here.

Incredible news for a Monday correct?


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